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· Over 30 years of Martial arts experience
· Senior Master Instructor in Combat Hapkido (World Ki-Do Federation certified)
· Founder / Director of the Combat Hapkido “Tactical Pressure Points” (TPP) Program
· Author of the book “Tactical Pressure Points” (2009)  & the Combat Hapkido “Tactical Pressure Points” DVD series (2012)
· Faculty Instructor of the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute (IPDTI)
· Faculty Instructor Military Combatives Association (MCA)
· 6th Dan Black Belt Ryukyu Kempo & “Menkyo” (License) Certification
· Master Instructor Dillman Karate International & Kyusho Jitsu Kenkyukai
· 4th Dan Black Belt / Instructor Israeli Kavanah & World Survival Hisardut
· Instructor TaiJi Qigong (Peng You TaiJi Quan)
· Black Belt / Instructor TaeKwonDo (Kukkiwon Certified)
· Senior Instructor Combat Hapkido “Ground Survival” Program
· Senior Instructor International Disabled Self Defense Association (IDSA)
· Associate Instructor Martial Blade Concepts
· Master Instructor in the Self Defense Rescripted Program
· Certified Firearms Instructor & Training Counselor (USCCA)
· Guest Instructor in Police Defensive Tactics at ILEETA Conferences
· Guest Instructor in Military Combatives for the IDF Golani Brigade (2013)
· Inducted - 2004 WHFSC International Martial Arts Hall of Fame
· Inducted – 2005 Budo International Magazine Hall of Fame
· Inducted – 2006 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame
· Inducted – 2006 World Karate Union Hall of Fame
· Inducted – 2008 IAMA Hall of Fame
· Inducted – 2010 European International Martial Arts Hall of Fame
· Inducted - 2017 WHFSC Hall of Fame “Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts”
· Founder / President “Life Protection Arts & Sciences”, LLC
· Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Budo Masters Council (2016)
· Sworn Fire & Police Commissioner (Member IFPCA)
· UWM – College of Health Sciences Academic Faculty (2004-2010)
· Board Certified Fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives
· Honorably served 7 years active duty as Combat Medic & NCO –US Army

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