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International Spartan Hall of Warriors Society

Most Martial Artists are familiar with the warrior traditions of Asian cultures such as the Samurai, the Shaolin warrior-monks, the Ninja, and the Hwarang. However, one of the oldest, most respected, most admired, and most feared warrior societies of ancient times originated in Greece in the 6th Century BC. They were the Spartans (known in Greece as the Lacedaimonian).  They were the most professional, best trained, and most disciplined of all the armies of antiquity. They are also credited for having developed the innovative tactic called the “Phalanx Formation”. Of course, the most famous of their heroic deeds is known in history as the battle of the Thermopylae pass in 480 BC, where 300 Spartans made their last stand and sacrificed their lives holding back King Xerses’ invading Persian army of over 200,000 for 3 days.

For many years, Martial Artists all over the world have honored, studied, and emulated the traditions, training, and ethical code of Asian warrior societies. And that is perfectly appropriate, since most of the Martial Arts we study originated in Asia. However, we feel that we should also respect, revive, and celebrate the Spartan warriors’ indomitable spirit and their immortal legacy of courage, discipline, and honor.

Therefore, we are proud to have created an organization to keep alive, promote and propagate
the historical tradition of the heroic Spartan warriors. We invite you to join our community of Martial Artists to preserve the legacy of one of the finest warrior societies the world has ever
known for present and future generations.

Membership in the International Spartan Hall of Warriors Society is open to all Martial Artists of
Black Belt rank, over 18 years old (students below Black Belt Black Belt rank must be recommended by their Instructor who MUST be a member). Occasionally, certain individuals
who are not Martial Artists may be granted Honorary membership for exceptional accomplishments or special contributions in other artistic or athletic fields.
Membership is Lifetime and requires no renewal or yearly dues. As a member you will receive:

A Beautiful Certificate – An elegant, embroidered Polo Shirt – A Uniform Patch

The International Spartan Hall of Warriors (with which our Society is affiliated) holds an annual Award Banquet where deserving Martial Artists are inducted in different categories of achievement. As a member of our Society, you will receive priority invitation, and special
discounts. Other benefits will be added and announced as the Society expands.

To join, please complete the attached application. Thank you.


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