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Now you can achieve your goal of earning your Black Belt in Combat Hapkido from our Combat Hapkido University (Distant Learning-Home Study Program). You can do this at your own pace, in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home.

Combat Hapkido is one of the most renowned and respected Self Defense Systems in the World today. It has been featured on dozens of magazine covers, newspaper articles (including the Wall Street Journal), TV documentaries (ESPYTV), TV shows (Dr. Phil) and prestigious Martial Arts events (over 30 Martial Arts Halls of Fame, Karate College, Chuck Norris Martial Arts Expo., etc.) In 1999 it was the first American Hapkido style to be officially recognized and accredited as a legitimate "Kwan" by the World Ki-Do Federation, which is sanctioned by the Korean Government.

Combat Hapkido, now being taught at over 200 Martial Arts schools, military bases and police departments around the World, is effective, realistic but also safe, fun and easy to learn. It is also humane and legally sensible, without the hype and overkill common to many so-called “reality based” styles.


You must be enrolled in the Combat Hapkido University to do the program.

Study at your own pace. There is no time limit to complete the course. There is a minimum of 24 months from enrollment before anyone is allowed to test for Black Belt.

You must have a partner to practice and to demonstrate the techniques when testing for your ranks. If your partner is not interested in certification he/she does not have to be enrolled in the University.

Every 4 months you will be able to test for 2 belts (example: Yellow & Orange) by submitting a DVD, CD or a private YouTube video demonstrating the techniques required for those ranks. You will receive feedback & critique of your tests.

There is a $30 fee for each examination and the processing of each belt Certificate.
(example: Yellow & Orange $60). Note: No fees for Ultimate Package Students.

Black Belt Certification requires special processing: application form, 2 passport photos, an essay on "Combat Hapkido: The Art for the Modern Warrior" book and a fee of $150 (no fee for Ultimate Package students). Your Black Belt Certificate will not show "University", "Distance Learning" or "Home Study". It will be the same certificate as issued to everyone else.

You are required to attend at least 1 seminar before you can test for your Black Belt. For up to date schedule, check the seminar section of our website at

Our HQ office will be available for assistance, guidance and consultation throughout the program. For any questions, call the HQ office or email us at:

Enjoy! With a friend or family member, learning and practicing can be fun. On your schedule, with no financial burden, in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home (no fighting traffic!), you will achieve something special, exciting and possibly life saving!!


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