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Defensive Services International, Inc. (DSI), is the corporate “umbrella” for all of the organizations and programs created by Grandmaster Pellegrini to service the Martial Arts industry and the public-at-large.


Combat Hapkido is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self-protection that includes an extensive variety of strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, ground survival and disarming techniques. The result is a practical, comprehensive Self Defense system that is enjoyable to learn and truly effective in realistic situations. It is well suited for men and women of all ages and sizes because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential.


The ITA is dedicated to the advancement of TaeKwonDo in all its aspects: art, sport and self-defense discipline. The primary goal of the ITA is to provide independent TaeKwonDo Instructors around the World with an association committed to their professional enhancement.
The ITA is for those instructors who want to be independent and in complete control of their program and their finances but still want to be part of a friendly, dynamic & supportive organization. Kukkiwon available


The IPDTI is recognized as one of the most professional and respected Law Enforcement training organizations in the World. We have instructed police, correction and security officers in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, Italy, Finland, England, Bermuda, Ireland, Costa Rica, Spain, South Korea, Panama, Colombia, New Zealand and Japan.


The MCA is an organization dedicated to the advancement of “Combatives” training for all the branches of the US Military and its allies. Realistic and effective combatives training (also known as “Hand-to-Hand” Combat) is an essential component of military skills development that tangibly enhances the overall safety and the survival ability of military personnel.


The WMAA is dedicated to the enhancement of the professional standing of all Martial Arts Instructors and encourages and fosters friendship, networking and cooperation among Martial Artists of every art/style/system in accordance to true Martial Arts spirit. The WMAA strongly believes in the right of all Martial Artists to freely practice and teach their chosen art / style / system. It is committed to promoting, expanding and improving Martial Arts training around the World.


The Combat Hapkido Ground Survival program is a multi-level course of instruction in the science of ground fighting. It is not about “wrestling” or “ground grappling”. It is about successfully fighting back an attack while in the most dangerous position in self-defense; escaping and quickly recovering the safer, dominant standing position.


Integrating the scientific, knowledgeable and wise use of pressure points with our training not only reflects and recognizes our roots in the traditional Korean art but, on a practical level, facilitates the application and enhances the effectiveness of all of our techniques.


Don't have a Combat Hapkido school near you but still want to learn Combat Hapkido? Here's your chance, in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace and with a partner of your choosing.

We also have courses in Ground Survival and Tactical Pressure Points that complement your Combat Hapkido training!


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